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Why Us

Second Pass Reviews

In order to prove the depth and quality of our reviews, we have undertaken second pass reviews against some of our major competitors. The significant additional recoveries made will demonstrate that we can find you more!

Client Focused and Flexible

We recognise that you are the Client! Naturally, each Client’s resources and working practices are different and our flexibility allows us to accommodate this.

We have designed our service to minimise the need for your resources. Our reviews are therefore carried out predominantly off-site, off-system and out of sight for your benefit.

Our dedicated Client Liaison team is on hand to update you with findings throughout the process and to answer any questions that you may have.

Client Confidentiality

You can be assured of the complete confidentiality of your data.

To protect you and your data, we have invested significantly in leading edge technology and security. No Client details are held on laptops or PCs. All data is collected by us or transferred via secure FTP.


We have designed our service to align the cost of our reviews with the money recovered for you. This clear cost benefit solution for the Client is unique in our industry.


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