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Please feel free to browse the Frequently Asked Questions for each of the services opposite or alternatively please contact us for further information.

IT Infrastructure

Can our internal Procurement or IT do this?

Many organisations have done good work to date in reducing costs. Our team is able to take this effort further as it is comprised of Subject Matter Experts who have in-depth experience in identifying cost savings and constructing and negotiating contracts, agreements and services with the major IT Vendors.

Many of our team have worked in senior roles in the major IT Vendor organisations and so understand the tactics and strategies and where the true costs/profits are for the major vendors.

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Import Duty FAQ

We use well-known agents for our imports and they are thorough and wouldn’t make these mistakes……

Occasionally the import agent is most concerned with getting the products out of their premises and control and to your door as quickly as possible, so taking care over classifications and suspensions may not be high on their agenda.

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Duplicate FAQs

We know our Accounts Payable team are thorough and wouldn’t make these mistakes……

Do you have extensively developed specialist software to identify duplicates? Accounts Payable systems usually have only basic search functions for duplicates.

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