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Duplicate FAQs

We know our Accounts Payable team are thorough and wouldn’t make these mistakes……

Do you have extensively developed specialist software to identify duplicates? Accounts Payable systems usually have only basic search functions for duplicates.

Our internal audit team can investigate……

With no software and specialist team, it is unlikely that you can utilise your team fully. If we fail to identify any duplicates there is no cost you. We will provide you with reporting to improve your internal processes and the unbudgeted funds from any duplicate can be used to upgrade your accounts payable systems.

Our Chartered Accountants can do the work……

Ask them, will it cost money? Do they have a successful past record in the recovery of large sums of money? What intelligent software and database will they use to identify the duplicate payments and it is capable of handling up to 5 years worth of historical data at the same time and manage the process from extraction through to collection.

Our team would regard Twice2much as being disruptive to the business……

We operate off-sight, out of sight with minimal need for your staff resource.


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