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Import Duty FAQ

We use well-known agents for our imports and they are thorough and wouldn’t make these mistakes……

Occasionally the import agent is most concerned with getting the products out of their premises and control and to your door as quickly as possible, so taking care over classifications and suspensions may not be high on their agenda.

Why can’t our internal finance or accounts team do this themselves?.

The years of experience in dealing with customs authorities, client products and duty classifications and systems gives our team an advantage and insight into the subject which may not be available internally

Will this mean work and additional cost for me?

Following an initial meeting and visit to confirm the position the level of time involvement for the client is kept to an absolute minimum. All processing work is carried on off-site, and the client is kept informed of progress to the extent that they request. The only cost is the fee for the work, and for recovery of overpaid duty this fee is normally recovered from the amount repaid, with the net amount paid into the client’s bank account.


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