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Can our internal Procurement or IT do this?

Many organisations have done good work to date in reducing costs. Our team is able to take this effort further as it is comprised of Subject Matter Experts who have in-depth experience in identifying cost savings and constructing and negotiating contracts, agreements and services with the major IT Vendors.

Many of our team have worked in senior roles in the major IT Vendor organisations and so understand the tactics and strategies and where the true costs/profits are for the major vendors.

Our team would regard the review as being disruptive to the business……

IT Departments are typically extremely busy managing the day to day IT operations, supporting users and planning for future business requirements; cost cutting is another effort that has to be fit into a busy schedule.

And, initially, internal teams such as IT and/or Procurement fear that they may be seen to have failed if we turn up significant savings they haven’t highlighted.

It is important to communicate that this is a specialist review, to augment what they are already doing, and that we openly share our intellectual capital with the internal teams.

Our expertise enables us to customise our programs to reflect the Clients working practises, thereby minimising disruption and maximising the benefits achieved.


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