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Public Sector

Helping the public sector to recover lost income

The pressure on public sector organisations to investigate ways in which they can generate additional income to help counterbalance the drastic cuts they are being asked to make is well documented. Although necessary, this is unlikely to be a straightforward task.

What if we could help you deliver considerable income into your organisation at no cost to you or the taxpayer?

Recovery auditing

Twice2much specialises in recovery auditing. We work with finance directors and heads of audit to provide a comprehensive review of accounts payable and enable them to enjoy the significant financial rewards that these reviews consistently deliver.

Recent Successes

  • Duplicate reviews - £2million in 12 months for 'client A'
  • VAT reviews - £550,000 in 2 months for 'client B'
  • Contract compliance reviews - £2.8 million in 4 months for 'client C'

The good news is that these recoveries can be achieved at no cost to your organisation or the taxpayer, because our costs are only charged against the recoveries achieved.

“We now see Twice2much as our safety net. They find what we cannot and their recommendations enable us to focus our training on weaker areas so that we can continue to improve the controls in the business. In these challenging times, resources must be used efficiently, and the use of expert consultants to compliment the department and the business is now considered to be an essential tool,”

Audit Manager, FTSE 100 organisation.


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