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Additional Services

Overseas VAT

Our overseas VAT review involves the analysis of overseas expenses to assess whether overseas VAT can be reclaimed from the relevant jurisdiction. Our expert knowledge of current EU legislation enables further “savings” advice to be provided.
Utilities Review

Utility invoices are notoriously difficult to monitor and control. The complexity of billing differing elements of standing charges and usage costs increases the risk of being overcharged. Our in-depth reviews enable such anomalies to be identified and recovered.
Spend Analysis

Our Spend Management solutions help identify areas for potential savings, and enable the conversion of these opportunities into real bottom-line benefits. From a Spend Opportunity Assessment, through Strategic Sourcing and proactive Contract Management significant direct savings can be generated.
Telecoms Review

Our reviews involve the utilisation of software developed to identify overcharging by telecom service providers across landlines, mobiles and internet.
Additional Data Mining & Interrogation

As a result of our HealthCheck, Clients understand more fully our expertise in data mining and frequently request that this expertise is used to extend the services provided. This involves detailed data interrogation identifying further opportunities to save money and improve efficiency.

Logistics is a key element of a company’s supply chain cost. Our bespoke software enables any overcharging of these costs to be identified.