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Import Duty Reviews

Customs Duties – A Forgotten Cost

For any Company importing goods Taxes and Duties can often be one of your largest areas for "lost profits". Understanding and overseeing the variety of taxes can be a challenge. However for a variety of reasons, the duty cost often receives very little attention even from the very largest importers.

The Complexities

Duty is payable, usually as a percentage of the value of the goods, using one of the 14,000 or so classification codes contained in the Customs Tariff. There are also various types of relief such as Tariff Quotas and Duty Suspensions, and a number of regimes which are either administratively helpful or which actually reduce or nullify duty cost. All these variations can introduce further complexity and risk of error.

Our Duty Expertise

We use a dedicated team of ex-HMRC duty specialists to review all transactions originating with the purchase of goods produced outside the EU and subsequently imported into the EU for consumption or use. This team has decades of experience gained within Customs and Excise, and is ably supported by a dedicated infrastructure covering IT, client care, legal, and clerical matters.

The technical knowledge gained with HMRC is combined with the awareness of what is of value to you the Client.

How much will the Review cost me?

Our Duty Review service is undertaken on a “no refund — no fee” basis

Recent Successes

  • Single Duty review resulted in £1.2m reclaim and minimisation of annual costs to £36k
  • £millions in Duty reclaims for two High Street retailers due to product re-classifications


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