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Retail Audit Recovery Reviews

The retail sector is very dynamic and involves the processing of very large volume of transactions and ongoing merchandising deals. It involves many complex areas such as Overriders, Allowances, Rebates, Pricing , Marketing and Media. We are able to offer our specialised audit recovery expertise to recover ‘lost profit’ from such complex areas.

Overriders/Annual Rebates

Many suppliers often give rebates to its Clients on the purchases of their products over a given period. We review the overrider/annual rebate agreements and any other available information to determine if the full rebate amount due has been received. Any outstanding amounts are recovered.

Allowances / Retros

Clients regularly receive different types of merchandising related allowances from Suppliers depending on the agreed mechanism they are claimed from the Supplier either in advance or retrospectively. We check the buying departments records to identify and recover any outstanding allowances/rebates due from Suppliers.


Due to the large volume of transactions within the retail sector , new products regularly coming on the market and old ones being cleared or returned and complex pricing deals taking place, stock price related errors often occur. We identify overcharged and/or under-deducted pricing related errors and recover any monies due from Suppliers.

Marketing and Media

Suppliers often pay their Clients to support the marketing of their products. Clients also use various marketing and media channels including TV, Radio , and Press for promotions. The big Brands often have very large annual and/or rolling Marketing and Advertising Funds to support their products. We check the Marketing and Advertising spend to identify if any monies due have not been claimed from the Supplier and/or have been overpaid / under-deducted from them.


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