Duplicate Payment Recovery Specialists

We are experts in Accounts Payable Review and Duplicate Payment Recovery

  • £100M+ recovered to date
  • No upfront cost - 'Share of savings' fee structure
  • Direct cash-flow benefit

Duplicate Payment Recovery by Twice2Much Ltd
Duplicate Payment Recovery by Twice2Much Ltd
Duplicate Payment Recovery by Twice2Much Ltd
Duplicate Payment Recovery by Twice2Much Ltd

About Us

Established in 2003, Twice2Much are currently the fastest-growing global provider of duplicate payment recovery services. Our reviews are carried out on a "No-win/No-fee" basis, making us an attractive option for every type of business.

Our 'no upfront cost approach' combined with our wealth of experience put us at the forefront of this sector, allowing us to frequently find overpayments that our competitors may miss. Our competition dream of having our continually refined leading edge software (designed to complement the specific working practices of each client) and our intelligent review processes.

Our clients include some of the UK’s largest and most successful companies from a wide variety of industry sectors, including:

  • Retail
  • Commercial and industrial
  • Government and healthcare
  • Manufacturing
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The Twice2much Accounts Payable Health Check

Our 3 stage review enable Clients to benefit from a 'bespoke' detailed forensic review of their organisation's Accounts Payable transactions.

  • STAGE 1 - Identification/Detection

    - Access to £100,000s of technology, analytics and resources

    - Access to dedicated experienced professionals

    - Provides multiple-layer interrogation of transactions with Suppliers

    - Specialist expertise in reviewing Supplier transactions and identifying anomalies

  • - Expert detailed analysis of transactions at individual Supplier level to validate and investigate anomalies

    - Obtaining evidence to support initial findings

  • - We supply the system, processes and resources to recover the errors found on our Client's behalf

    - Flexible but targeted reporting provides significant additional benefits to Clients



All of our services are offered on a "No-win/No-fee" basis. There is no upfront cost involved.

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Duplicate Payment Recovery

The core service offered by Twice2much, in most cases this provides the biggest benefit to our clients.

Supplier Statement Reviews

Our expert team reviews a selection of your Supplier Statement to identify unclaimed credits.

Contract Compliance Services

Supplier contracts can be extremely complicated and this often leaves money on the table for you. We review your contracts and identify recovery opportunities.

Unclaimed VAT Reviews

We identify unclaimed VAT opportunities to reduce your VAT liability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much will a review by Twice2much Cost?

    Reviews are carried out on a ‘Share of Savings’ basis therefore there are no upfront costs.
    ‘Share of Savings’ Fees are also only charged on ‘actual recoveries’ either by Cash refund or direct offset against current invoices owed to a Supplier.

  • Every Client has different invoice processing, authorisation and payment processes and ‘challenges’. In our experience many of the ‘duplicate/overpayments’ identified during our reviews have already been identified and recovered by the Clients themselves. It is therefore impossible to predict likely recoveries.
    Recoveries of in excess of £100million on behalf of Clients, demonstrates our abilities to find additional monies for Clients, demonstrates beyond doubt the benefit of using our Services.

  • Following an initial meeting and visit to confirm the data required and the period of the review, the level of time involvement for the Client is kept to an absolute minimum.
    All processing work is carried out off-site, and the client is kept informed of progress as required.

  • In most instances we recover the money directly from the Supplier on behalf of Clients. (ensuring minimal need for Client resources)
    Recoveries are made by direct refund (straight to the Client’s Bank Account) or by agreed offset with the Supplier against outstanding invoices.
    All supporting documents is created by ourselves for processing by your Accounts Payable Team

  • The majority of overpayments are identified by Clients themselves, but in our experience more complex overpayments can only be identified utilising complex analysis and verification.
    We have developed task specific software solutions to maximise potential recoveries for Clients. This enable Twice2much to identify and recover more on behalf of Clients. To date in excess of £100million has been recovered for Clients.

  • Please contact Twice2much directly, on 0344 225 2090 or use the Contact us form on the website. We can guide you through the process.



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