Supplier Statement Reviews

We are experts in Accounts Payable Review and Duplicate Payment Recovery

Supplier Statement Reviews

Our statement review service can be used to provide you with assurance that there are no significant invoices or credit notes due for payment or recovery which have not been either accounted for or recovered.

The Benefits

There are 3 main benefits from the review:

1. Invoices liabilities not due

We can use the Statements obtained to prove that significant invoices outstanding are no longer considered outstanding by the Supplier and therefore can be cleared, directly impacting on both profit and liability.

2. Credit notes untaken

We can confirm that Credit notes still outstanding on your ledgers remain on Supplier statements. We then request appropriate refunds from Suppliers generating an immediate Cash benefit.

3. Credit Notes never processed

We can potentially identify Credit Notes outstanding on your Suppliers' Statements that have never been received/accounted for by you. This has a direct impact on Profit and will be used to recover a Cash refund from the Supplier.

The Process

We liaise with each Client to establish the appropriate levels for review to maximise benefits whilst minimising any potential Supplier issues.

We believe this service needs to be complementary to the business, and therefore targeted statement requests can be focused on meeting additional Client requirements at the same time can provide mutual benefits.