Contract Compliance Services

We are experts in Accounts Payable Review and Duplicate Payment Recovery

Contract Compliance Services

This involves the detailed review of all major contracts (as agreed with you). Due to the complexity of contracts in both pricing and timing, in our experience benefits are rarely fully realised. This service is also provided on a no-win, no-fee basis demonstrating our belief that savings will be generated for you.

The Process

Our expert analysts will complete a detailed examination of the key contracts (as mutually agreed by you) ensuring that they have reached a full understanding of your internal processes.

This knowledge, combined with the forensic analysis of expenditure with the Supplier, enables a comprehensive review to be undertaken to establish opportunities for cost savings, direct recoveries or improved control over contracts.

All potential claims will then be discussed directly with you, prior to making contact with your suppliers, with any relevant evidence that may be required to support the potential claims.